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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Modern companies need a logistics and supply network that is reliable and resilient
to shocks. To run a tight ship, you need end-to-end visibility of the supply chain, reduce
asset downtime, and have data that is easily available to help you accurately predict
demand and ensure timely delivery of products. 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, a specialized ERP for
supply chain management, you can do all the above and more. The solution is uniquely
composable to suit the needs of different industries and scalable to meet the challenges of
different workloads. At its core, the application helps you build a customer-centric supply
chain that gives you insights on ordering, transport, and final delivery.

At Acinonyx, we are equipped to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain
Management to help your company leverage all its features and shift your operations from
being reactive to proactive.

Supply chain management software, not only will you be able to track all orders but also get visibility on unit numbers, pricing, delivery, and payment information. Once the orders are placed, you can monitor quality checks, picking cycles, and find the most cost- effective delivery routes. You also have access to real-time inventory status in your warehouses and in partner organizations like retailers, which will help you stock your distribution centers with the right mix of products in the right quantities. Further, you can manage containers, loads, vehicles, and routes to optimize deliveries to reduce costs and improve profit margins.

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